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High quality acupuncture care in Caloundra

At Caloundra Physiotherapy Centre, our expert team offer a range of specialist services in our Caloundra and Landsborough clinics. Take a look at what we offer below.

Real time ultrasound

Real time ultrasound (or RTUS) is a non-invasive technology used to produce images of a patient’s joints and muscles, including the lower back, abdomen, hips, pelvic floor and shoulders. This technology is extremely helpful in muscle rehabilitation, helping to provide a visual representation of the patient’s muscle and how to repair it. RTUS is commonly used in treating:

  • Low back pain
  • Pelvic/hip pain and instability
  • Post surgery (back, abdomen, shoulder, hip)
  • Incontinent


Traction involves the use of manual or mechanical forces to help with spinal pains. Although it sounds intimidating, this is actually a very gentle form of treatment and can be extremely effective. This equipment can help to pull joints into the correct position, encouraging healing and easing pain.

Golfit assessments

Golfit is a program created by our experienced physiotherapist and golfing enthusiast, Paul Bounty. It addresses the unique muscle usage and pain experienced by many golfers, providing tailored education and injury avoidance programs to ensure that you stay on your game. The program runs over three months, with four sessions to address the areas of fitness, preparation, and education. It also includes a one hour musculoskeletal assessment, from which a personalised program is developed and implemented, a program review to help you say on track, and a final assessment and review. Health fund rebates may apply so get in touch to find out more.

Western acupuncture/dry needling

Whilst Chinese Acupuncture is based on ancient theories of Qi, Western Acupuncture is based on current understandings of anatomy and the physiology of pain. Dry needling technique is an excellent option when massages and muscle stretching fails. It involves the use of fine gauge needles to stimulate the relaxation of muscles, allowing for great precision in targeting acute pain – particularly in the neck, shoulders, lower back and leg joints.

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