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Solve your back pain in Caloundra

At Caloundra Physiotherapy Centre, we offer a wealth of services to cure all kinds of back, head and neck pain. From mobilisation and manipulation to ultrasound treatments and massages, we can help to get your body feeling strong and comfortable.

Back pain

Approximately 80% of people in the western world will experience some degree of back pain in their life. Painkillers are often used to dull and numb this pain, but this hides the problem rather than solving it.

There are many different causes of back pain, including:

•   Accidents •   Ligament sprains
•   Spinal problems •   Disc problems
•   Poor posture •   Arthritis
•   Poor flexibility •   Straining while lifting
•   Muscle strains •   Lack of exercise

Two helpful exercises that will relieve lower back pain:

Exercises on how to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support your shoulders:

While many people think that bed rest and pain killers will make their back problems go away, research shows that early intervention and physiotherapy treatment is the best solution. Not only can it speed in the recovery of back pain, but it can also prevent pain reoccurrence.


It’s essential to be able to tell the difference between a headache and migraine: only then can you find the right solution.

A headache is often caused by the referral of pain from the upper neck, or from general poor posture. The pain should not throb, but rather should feel continuous in a dull and heavy manner.

In contrast, a migraine pain will throb and often shift sides of the head. This is caused by swelling of the blood vessels within the skull, and is often associated with nausea and apprehension to bright light or noise.

As headaches are caused by muscle pain and posture, physiotherapy is an excellent treatment solution. Our treatments ensure that muscle tension and strength is balanced, while enabling nerves to move freely throughout the neck and upper back. If you are suffering from migraines, please get in touch with your GP as you may require medication.

Neck pain

As the neck is an extremely mobile part of the body, it is easily damaged. Injury and postural problems are the most common causes of neck pain, and diseases such as arthritis and degeneration can also have an effect.

Two exercises that target acute neck pain:

There are many ways to decrease or prevent neck pain, including:

  • Posture – keep your chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, chin tucked in and head level; your neck should feel strong, straight and relaxed.
  • Sleeping – a down pillow or a urethane pillow is usually the best option, and it’s important to avoid sleeping on your stomach where possible.
  • Relaxation – recognise when you are tense; you may be hunching your shoulders or clenching your teeth without realising it.
  • Work – avoid working with your head down or to one side for long periods of time; frequently stretch and change positions.
  • Exercise – keep your neck joints and muscles flexible and strong with the correct neck exercise; a physiotherapist can assess you for tight or weak muscles and show you specific exercises to treat your situation.

Here at Caloundra Physiotherapy Centre, we use a wide range of treatments and techniques to deal with the cause of your aches and pains, and provide you with exercises that will help you maintain your good health in the years to come. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment.

For more information about back, head and neck pain and how they can be treated, call our friendly team today
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